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Hi, there! My name is Leslie and I’m the author of The Hot Mom Bod: From Flab to Fab. I’m a mom of two boys and I’m on a mission to help moms from all over the world transform their bodies, just like I did after having children. Just a few short years ago, after having my two boys, I was fed up with my out-of-shape post-pregnancy body. After gaining 50 pounds with each pregnancy, yes, I used pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything under the sun, I was flabby, unhappy with myself and getting more and more out of shape by the day. Eight months AFTER my second child was born and still in my pregnancy jeans, my husband said, “Leslie, why don’t you quit wearing those? They are not sexy at all. Put something on that looks good on you.” Well, guess what? None of my old clothes fit me right anymore and I didn’t feel sexy either!

Of course, I wanted to feel sexy again, but I just didn’t know how to get back to where I was before kids. What had happened to my body?? Why did things change so much and why couldn’t I just bounce back to the pre-baby body I had before?

Bottom line is, I desperately wanted to get in shape again and as a result, I wasn’t happy on the inside or out. Not only did I want to lose weight and tone up, my self-confidence, which was never an issue before, was now in the gutter, too. The real turning point for me came after I saw a picture of myself in a bikini. That picture served as the motivation I needed then to transform my body into what it is today. Now, that same picture still serves as motivation for me because I remember how I looked and felt back then and I don’t ever want to return to that place.

Today, I’m the new person I so desperately wanted to be five short years ago; I’m confident, I’m happy, I have a ton of energy, I’m not ashamed of my body anymore, I’m toned and I’m healthier than ever. The best part is, all this positivity just spills over to my family and we are all much healthier and happier than we were in the past.

After my transformation, many of my close girlfriends started asking for my help. They had questions about nutrition, cardio, lifting weights, running, post-pregnancy weight loss and the list goes on. Finally, one of my friends, Tina, said, “Leslie, you should write a book so that you can help other moms out there, too. Tell us what you did so we can do the same thing.” So, that’s exactly what I did. The years I spent learning about proper nutrition, resistance training and cardio that proved effective in producing the body I have now, are all in this guidebook, The Hot Mom Bod: From Flab to Fab. The foundation for redesigning your body is all laid out in this book and it’s easy to read, realistic, it can be done at home and, best of all, it works for a lifetime.

As the “new” mom I am today, I’ve competed in 3 National bikini competitions, been featured in numerous magazines and I am certified as a personal trainer and body transformation coach.

Now, I’m helping moms all over the world transform their bodies and I hope to reach thousands more in the years to come! Will you be my next transformation story? Do you have what it takes and are you ready to change your body and your life? I challenge you to take the steps to achieve the body of your dreams today. It’s time to reveal your inner Hot Mom!

Your Fitness Friend,

Leslie Lancaster

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