1) What is an ebook?
Ebooks are downloaded to your computer and are electronic versions of a traditional printed book. Ebooks are read on your computer. In addition, you can print one copy for personal use on your printer.

2) What can I expect from the Hot Mom Bod: From Flab to Fab program?
The Hot Mom Bod: From Flab to Fab program was created especially for moms who are looking for an exercise regime they can perform at home. Designed to be implemented for 90 consecutive days as a healthy weight loss program, typical weight loss of 2 pounds per week can be expected. However, the most dramatic and true sign of body redesign will be inches lost. It’s an overhaul from the inside, out. In addition, the program provides the solution to a long-term and sustainable lifestyle change through a myriad of healthy and balanced recipes, a custom fat loss formula, goal setting steps, motivational advice and sound nutritional recommendations. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting forever! With over 200 pages included, the book’s sole purpose is to provide a rock solid foundation upon which moms can rely on for years to come.

3) Can I do this program if I’m pregnant?
This program was designed for moms after childbirth. However, exercising throughout pregnancy is advisable. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

4) How soon can I start this program after childbirth?
While exercising after pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for your body, please consult your doctor for approval before beginning any exercise after childbirth.

5) What if I’m breastfeeding?
Typically, nutritional guidelines for moms that are breastfeeding suggest an extra 500 calories per day. However, this is just a guideline and recommendations vary from person to person. Please consult your doctor for nutritional guideline requirements if you are breastfeeding that apply specifically to you.

6) What kinds of abdominal exercises are included post-partum?
The abdominal exercise program created in The Hot Mom Bod: From Flab to Fab spans the course of 90 consecutive days and is intended to strengthen the core muscles that have been stretched and weakened during pregnancy. It moves from a beginner level to a more advanced level and includes a test to determine if you are ready for standard abdominal exercises after pregnancy. As with all exercise, consulting a doctor first is a must.

7) Is this program for all fitness levels?
Yes, this program is for all fitness levels, provided your doctor has cleared you to begin an exercise program. There is a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level. You can always test the program out by starting at the Beginning Level. If you feel it is too easy, then, you would progress to the Intermediate Level. Based on your level of fitness, you can continually challenge yourself to progress.

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